Ultralight TTL loupes

Simply functional

The MO Ultralight TTL solution’s Galilean telescopes are large enough to provide a large field of vision but small enough to keep the loupe glasses lightweight. The simple structure leaves the general visibility unobstructed, and the magnifying area can be positioned in the required place in the field of vision. The focus distance of the loupes is always defined based on the exact individual working distance, which relaxes the eyes and allows maximum movement both nearer to and further away from the viewed object.

User-centred design

These splashproof loupes are easy to clean, and the high-quality materials tolerate disinfection. The multi-coated glass lenses and anti-glare-treated telescope housings guarantee sharpness of vision in the magnification area. High-quality loupes not only provide good vision but are also easy to use.

Prism for improved ergonomics

MO Optics® Ultralight TTL loupes are equipped with prism lenses which optically lift the magnification area upwards. Together with the other MO Strainless Optics features they reduce the need to bend your neck when looking downwards, and automatically guide you to work in an ergonomic working posture.

Useful options

The MO Optics® DeLight loupe light is a mere 6 grams addition in weight but a big addition in total visibility. The bright LED light removes shadows from the viewed object, helping you to see the magnified image even better. Attaching and removing the lamp is easy with the smart click-on lock.

Magnifications for all needs

The optical features required from loupes vary depending on the purpose of use. The greater the magnification, the more limited field of vision and depth of field can be achieved. In addition to loupe optics, the depth of field is affected by the lighting conditions and the eyes’ ability to adapt.


2.0x in angular magnification
1.6x in spatial magnification


2.4x in angular magnification
2.0x in spatial magnification


3.2x in angular magnification
2.5x in spatial magnification

Lenses with own prescription

In a TTL (Through the Lens) solution the loupe telescopes are attached to eyeglasses through holes that are made on the lenses. Lenses with powers for near vision are added to the loupe telescopes, and a lens type most appropriate for the user’s requirements is selected for the surrounding carrier lenses. This ensures that the combination functions even in more challenging viewing surroundings. MO Optics® carrier lenses are always manufactured with high-quality coatings to prevent scratching and reflections, and we use high-index materials to keep them thin and lightweight.

Compatible frames

The high-quality materials used in all MO Optics® frames make them durable and comfortable to wear. Nose pads and temple tips are covered with soft and non-allergenic silicone to ensure best possible fit. MO Strainless Optics design features help you to minimise the need to bend the neck when looking downwards at an object.

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